Part one – Networking and feedback – Preparing material for submission

  Writing a good CV

For this exercise I will draft a CV which should fit roughly into an A4 Page. This CV can be used on my website and in conjunction with my bio when presenting myself to professionals in the industry. I will do some research and look at the CV’s of artists that I admire. Artists CV’S that I viewed include: Chloe Dewe Mathews, Simon Roberts, Thomas Struth, Alec Soth and Stephen Shore (his early chronology is particularly interesting).

How to Write an Artist’s CV When You Don’t Have Much (Or Any!) Professional Experience

Artists CV 2018

CV 2018

Writing a good bio

For this exercise I will write a biography that I can put on my website and use to present myself as a professional artist to other professionals (possibly editors and curators). I will do some research into writing a a good biography one website recommended in the course notes can be found here –

I will also look at other artists biographies to get some inspiration.


Artists biography 

Kieren Welch (b. 1973) is a British photographic-artist based in Hertfordshire. After studying photography at North Hertfordshire College he decided to commit himself to a career in the photography industry. He worked at a photography studio in Northamptonshire for several years before deciding to become self-employed and open a studio in Hertfordshire. Kieren has been self-employed for more than fifteen years, his work has been mostly commercial portraits and landscapes. He has an extensive portfolio of images with several picture libraries including Getty, Alamy and Adobe Stock. His photographs have been published extensively worldwide and have been used by the likes of Boots, Lycamobile and GMA News.

In 2010 he changed direction towards a more arts based practice. Kieren studied with the Open College of the Arts and his recent work has been heavily influenced by Postmodernism and Conceptualism. During the second year of his degree course with the OCA he created and self published a book – (Sub) Culture, Identity, and the English Landscape which is on sale at In 2014 he became a photography tutor at Buckinghamshire Adult Learning Centre where he enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge with a diverse group of learners.  He is now working towards producing a website and book to showcase his latest body of work which uses the genre of Late Photography to investigate landscapes that have been traumatised by violence.


Your artists statement 

For this exercise I will write an artists statement which describes my practice and the goals that I hope to achieve with my work. I will do some research and look at other artists statements to get some inspiration. I have included some website links below to show some of my research.


Artists Statement

My photographs of places tainted by violence and people on the fringes of society are subtle but brimming with visual information. They avoid any obvious signs or motifs and instead offer understated visual clues for the observant viewer. My use of medium format analogue cameras allows me to make photographs in a slow and methodical way. My best work often comes when I go into an almost medative state of mind, contemplating the environment around me: the sights, smells and sounds. Interaction with the place or people that I photograph is a key inspiration for my work. The challenge for me is to unlock the physchology of the place or person in front of me and translate it into a descriptive photograph. My goal is to continue making work using traditional photographic techniques and by experimenting with other types of analogue and digital media. I hope to make work that transcends mere illustration of a subject and instead communicate deeper feelings dwelling within my subjects.


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