Part two – Publication proposal – Engaging with your audience and audience outreach

Engaging with your audience and audience outreach

I will list below a number of activities that I plan to do to increase my audience outreach and engage effectively with a wide and diverse audience.

Artists talk – Possibly in a local gallery or museum. Baldock Museum has regular talks which explore historical narratives. That would suit my current body work which relies heavily on historical events.

An exhibition of photographs in a local library – Local libraries attract a large number of people. Many of them are from a number of diverse social and cultural groups.

Sell a book online using Amazon or digitally online – Self publishing a book using Blurb for example allows you to sell your book on their website and on Creating a digital flip page presentation of a book using a company like iMag offers the user the possiblity to distribute the book online to a huge number of people. Online publishing also allows an artist to effectively engage with marginalised audiences.

Photographic workshops – Thoughout the year I teach a number of photography workshops at Buckinghamshire Adult Learning Centres. This allows me to interact with a number of people from many diverse cultural and social groups.







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