Part three – Interviews with professional practioners

I plan to do a series of short interviews with industry professionals in preparation for assignment three. These could be take place via video call, telephone or some other method.

I managed to interview photographic artist Althea Wilson after I completed a days work experience in her studio. The full interview can be found here.


List of questions I might ask a practicing photographic- artist –

Why did you become a photographer?

Describe your typical working day as a photographer.

How much time do you spend doing research?

How would you describe your style?

Who influences you as an artist?

What motivates you?

How do approach potential subjects?

How important is it to connect with your subjects?

How much control do you assert on a subject, for example do you ask them not to smile, and do you ask them to sit or stand in a particular way?

Do you prefer digital or analogue capture and how important do you think camera type is to your work?

I love to shoot old analogue cameras but have struggled with hybrid analogue/digital printing. Can you briefly describe your scanning and post production work flow?

How do you promote yourself and your work?

Do you consider print competitions as an important part of your self promotion and/or income?

How has social media effected your work and how you promote yourself?

What is your ultimate goal when producing a series of images. A book, exhibition or other type of presentation?

Where does the largest percentage of your income come from?

How do you see photography changing in the next twenty years?

Curator or Gallerist

List of questions I might ask a curator or gallerist –

How would you describe the job you do in the gallery?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What is the most challenging thing about your role in the gallery?

How has your role changed in the last ten years?

Describe the type of work that you show in the gallery.

Do you have a submission policy for artists?

Any advice on the type of work that artists should make to have a chance of being successful in the context of an art gallery.

What’s your view of new emerging artists and the work they make?

Do you think contemporary photography has moved too far away from the traditional notion of beauty, therefore making it harder to be consumed by a mass audience?

How involved are artists when putting on an exhibtion?

Do you help artists with marketing and promotion?

What is the most common mistake you see artists making when approaching a gallery?

How do you put a price on works of art that you show?

How do you think photography as an art form might change in the next ten years?

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