Research – Organising an Exhibition

Organising an exhibition

I have contacted several galleries, museums, libraries and other suitable venues in regards to holding a solo exhibition. Below I have listed all venues contacted so far and what response I have received from each if any.



Letchworth Community Museum – In process of moving and in a very disorganised state at the moment.

The Broadway Museum and Gallery Letchworth – Fully booked for all the year, no curator to speak of so difficult to communicate sometimes. There is a small foyer space for local artists but it is tiny.

St Albans Museum and Gallery – Positive response, and several good spaces for an exhibition. Unfortunately all spaces are full booked until 2022. I am considering putting on an exhibition here after I have completed my degree as it is such an excellent venue and close to where I have made some of my work. Meeting with Sarah the curator planned for next month. Exhibition tentatively penciled in for April 2022.

Stevenage Museum – No response yet.

Watford Museum – No response yet.

North Herts Museum (Hitchin) – No response yet.



Baldock Arts and Heritage Centre – Possibility of doing an arts/history presentation next year (after I finish my degree). Then possibly an exhibition in the gallery a year later. Still in discussions. Very nice gallery space. Not too big, good light, comfortable surroundings, good location in the town.

Henry Moore Gallery – No response yet.

Hertford Arts Hub – No response yet.



Baldock library – I have secured a space here to present a small pop-up style exhibition in the library in November this year. I would have to use display boards which the library has. My photographs would be display in the library for one week. If I go with this option I would  maybe do a short talk introducing my work, this has not been discussed yet. Possible date of exhibition November 2019. Going to view space end of July.

Letchworth Garden City library – Talked to manager and she said it is not something they do.

Hitchin library – No response yet.

Stevenage library – Replied saying all exhibitions are done in-house, what ever that means?



Baldock Community Centre 01462 894109 –

Baldock Town Hall 07874 238004 –

Westmill Community Centre (Hitchin) 01462 452098 –  Lively newly built centre. Good lighting, very busy. Emailed the centre and waiting for a response.



The Groundworks Restaurant (Hitchin) – No response yet.

Hitchin Coffee Lab – No response yet.

Taste-Buds (Hitchin) – No response yet.

Los Reyes Tapas Bar (Hitchin) – No response yet.

Hermitage Road Bar and Restaurant (Hitchin) – No response yet.

Deroka Restaurant (Hitchin) – Have invited me for a chat.

Sukawatee (Hitchin) – They have agreed to put up one of my posters and hold some of my flyers about the exhibition.




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