Part four – Resolving and promoting your publication – Agents and other marketing opportunities

Agents and other marketing opportunities (Professional context)

For this exercise I will consider what other marketing opportunities are available to me and even  look into the possibility of getting an agent to find me work.

I have to admit I have never even considered the possibility of having an agent. I will start doing some preliminary research online and then contact any that I think could help get me work. Luckily I live quite near London where a lot of agents appear to be based. I will make a list of agents websites below that may be relevant to me.


Alamy –

Marketing my work online using stock libraries is something that has interested me for some time. Below are two links provided in the course notes which help to clarify the requirements of stock libraries. Alamy seems to be the preferred option by the OCA. In the past 100% royalties would be paid to OCA students, I am not sure if this is the case anymore as the second link no longer works?

Alamy is a reputable stock library website. Alamy have strict guidelines regarding the uploading of images and keywording for each picture is a neccasisty. To be accepted by Alamy you have to submit a selection of images so that they can ascertain whether your work is of a high enough standard. I am happy to say that I have been accepted by Alamy and can upload work to the website to be viewed and even purchased! I have uploaded more than a thousand images already, most of them being stuff I found on my hard drive from old projects and jobs. I will be uploading a selection of images from my current project’s as well.


Saatchi Art –

Saatchi Art works a bit like a stock library but you are expected to sell unique artworks or limited edition prints. Anyone can create an account and then upload and market their work on Saatchi Art. This does lead to a huge amount of work being on offer, not all of it good. However it is a good platform for new or emerging artists to try their luck.  I like the fact that all types of art can be viewed and even purchased here. You can also follow other artists that interest you. This adds a social element to the website that allows you to network with other artists from similar fields.

Artworks on the website are displayed clearly and searching for a particular genre is easy. Uploading work is a bit time consuming as you have to include a lot of information with every piece you upload. It appears that some artists have good sales here which is encouraging. Because it is very time consuming I will only upload my very best work at first and see what response I get.


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