Part four – Resolving and promoting your publication – Traditional media and press release

Traditional media and press release (Professional context)

In this digital age of the Internet it can be easy to forget the more traditional methods of promotion. Local newspapers and magazines, regional radio and television shouldn’t be ruled out.

The press release is one of the traditional methods of advertising the key points of a publication or exhibition. In it should be information about what the publication is about, who is the author, when and where the work can be seen and where will the artist be available for interviews or comments. The press release once completed will need to be sent to everyone on my media contact list (preferably posted and emailed). Some great advice about writing a press release can be found on the website links below.


I need to develop a list of local press contacts and keep it updated. Below is my most up to date list.

public relations network


I will write a short press release for my publication and this will be sent out to everyone on the list shortly before the exhibition starts.

Press Release NEWEST

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