Part four – Resolving and promoting your publication – Updating my website

Updating my website

(Professional context, creativity, presentation and outcomes)

My artists website  is constantly being updated as I make new work. I upload new images to my current portfolio regularly. Uploading new work to a website helps with ‘natural’ SEO and increased visibility on search engines. As well as updating the website regularly I also update my blog often. The blog is connected to my website so this also increases its online visibility becoming easier to search for.

One of the reasons I used my current website hosting company is that they ensure my site looks good on a variety of devices. It is optimized for viewing on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. This allows for searching and viewing online seamlessly whatever the device.

Web optimisation is becoming increasingly important in the extremely competitive photography industry. Because of this I have started to add key SEO functions to my website. I have opened a Google analytics account and added the code to my website. This enables me to track where visitors to my site are from and see what content is popular. It also let’s me see what search terms are popular. The pages in my website have been optimized by adding keywords and short descriptive phrases. These inbedded keywords and phrases make it easier for people to find me and my specific expertise.

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