Research – New work – English battlefields

The Battle of Wheathampstead (Gallic Wars, 55 – 54 BC)

Location: Dyke Lane, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire, England, AL4 8PF. Dyke Lane, just off Marford Road on the east side of Wheathampstead.

Date: 54 BC

Casulties: Unknown although it’s thought British losses would have been significant as it led to the surrender of the Celtic tribes in Britain to Julius Caesar.


Click to access Battle%20of%20Wstead%20by%20Anthony.pdf


Battle of Tempsford (Viking Invasions of England, 917 AD)

Location: Tempsford village, Bedfordshire. A Danish burh or fortification once stood close to the river Ouse. Leave at the Tempsford junction on the A1 and stop halfway down Church Street; cross the playing fields to a dry island. It is accessed by a low bridge over what would have been water and marsh.

Date: 917 AD

Casualties: Many were slaughtered including King Guthrum II (King of the Danes). Also noble earls Jarls Toglos and Manna were killed, their followers were taken prisoner.


Attack on Corpus Christi College in Cambridge  (The Peasants Revolt, 1381)

Location: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Date: 15th June 1381.

Casualties: The college itself was burned and many royal officials were killed.


The Battle of North Walsham (The Peasants Revolt, 1381)

Other battles at Cambridge? Tower of London?

Location: North Walsham Heath, south of the town. Monument to the Peasants Revolt, 1381, Norwich Road, North Walsham. This 14th century “perch” cross standing by Monument Cottage on Norwich Road, is on what was heathland to the south of North Walsham, near the site. The leader of the rebels Geoffrey Litster was found in a corn field nearby and drawn, hung and quartered after the battle.

Date: 25th June 1381.

Casualties: Less of a battle and more a massacre. Hundreds of rebels were slaughtered where they hid and as they retreated to the town. Many barricaded themselves in the church and were killed there.


Lost in a Landscape: North Walsham – The revolt

Click to access bfm%3A978-1-349-16990-0%2F1.pdf


The Siege of Hertford Castle (First Barons War, 1215 – 1217)

Location: Hertford Castle

Date: 12th November to 6th December 1216

Casualties: Unknown number killed and injured.


The Bombing of London (World War 1, 1914 – 1918)

Zeppelin raids

Date: 7th July 1917 and 8th September 1915

Location: St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London.

First air-raid  by German aeroplanes

Date: 4th September 1917

Location: Embankment, London. Sphinx and Cleopatra’s needle.

Casualties: 667 people killed and 1,936 injured.


The Battle of Britain (World War 2, 1939 – 1945)

Locations: St Paul Cathedral, V & A Museum, junction at Mansell Street and Chambers Street, St Clement Dane’s in the Strand.

Date: July 1940 to June 1941.

Casualties: 18,413 killed on both sides.



The Siege of Colchester (English Civil War, 1642 – 1651)

Location: St Marys Church, St Botolph’s Priory, St Martin’s Church, Siege House all in Colchester.

Date: Summer of 1648

Casualties: About 2000 were killed of injured during the siege. Unknown amount of civilians died.


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