Part five – Future planned exhibitions

Future planned exhibitions 

Broadway Art Gallery, Letchworth Garden City –

The new curator at the Broadway Art Gallery (Kristian Day) appears to be working hard to put on new art exhibtions and promote the gallery generally. A new photography competition Photo Letchworth was held for the first time this year. Unfortunately it was not that well advertised so I didn’t know about it until after the shortlisted photographers were choosen. The shortlisted photographers were featured in a group show in the main gallery and the winner received cash prize of £500.

I plan to submit several of my images to the 2020 competition. I have contacted the new curator of the gallery in regards to putting on a small exhibition there. I was informed that a smaller Foyer Gallery sometimes has work on show made by local emerging artists. I feel that this could be an opportunity for me. I hope to meet with the curator soon to discuss this further.

Update: I will be meeting the curator to discuss putting on an exhibition next week.

Baldock Arts Centre and Museum –

I have been offered the chance to display a selection of my prints in the museum. I will also be presenting a conflict photography and history talk to coincide with the display on 12th March 2021 (this will be an event that the public have to pay for). I believe that this opportunity is a direct result of my publication at the nearby library and the marketing that went with it.


My name is on the waiting list for a solo exhibition in the main gallery (one and half year wait). No fees but they take 15% of print sales.


St Albans Museum and Gallery – 

I am currently in talks with curator Sarah Keeling about a solo show at the museum. She has told me there is long wait with no spaces available until 2022. This is okay as it gives me plenty of time to make new work, plan the exhibition and get funding. I hope to make the exhibition interactive with the local community. I plan to do a talk and history walks to some of the locations where I made photographs. This is an exciting opportunity not only because of interation with locals but they also have a shop where I could sell my works.

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