Assignment one – Asking for feedback

 Assignment one – Asking for feedback

For the first part of this assignment I will create a PDF document to showcase my work to industry professionals with the aim of attaining feedback from them. It will contain an edited selection of photographs from my body of work, my artists statement and an introduction to the work (written during the BOW course).

Before staring this assignment I did some research on how to create an effectice portfolio that can be viewed as a single PDF document. Below are some links to videos that were very informative on the subject. After experimenting with Adobe Bridge and Photoshop I ended up using Word to design my portfolio document and saved it as a PDF.


Artists portfolio in PDF format:



Tutor feedback:

Assignment 1 Tutor Report


Feedback from professionals:

Alex Pardi Feedback

Marco Van Duyvendijk Feedback

Althea Wilson feedback


Response to tutor, assessors and professional practitioners feedback: