Part four – Resolving and promoting your publication – Collating feedback

Collating feedback (Presentation and outcomes)

My exhibition at the local library will be on display for about a week. I hope in that time I can gather some positive and intelligent feedback. By getting feedback I will be able assess how successful my publication has been and how effective it has been at communicating my themes and ideas. The feedback can be used to refine my project and make decisions on future publications or exhibitions. Recording audience footfall at my exhibition and receiving feedback may help in the future to gain further funding or to get my foot in the door of other galleries.

I plan to have a visitor’s book, which is a traditional and valid way of collating feedback. This book will be a useful record of visitors contact details and email addresses. I will be creating a Facebook event and I will encourage people to leave comments there. Comments can also be left on my Facebook wall and possibly my Twitter feed. If possible I will also get people to comment on my blog. I need to ensure that my website address and Facebook page is shown clearly on my marketing materials and on display somewhere at the exhibition itself. I am considering offering a free print or postcard to people who contribute a comment and valid address.

I plan to be at the exhibition on the Saturday and will make appearances most days when possible. This will give me a chance to talk directly to my audience and get feedback verbally through them. Viewing the audience viewing my work can also give me a feel for people’s reactions to the work.


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