Part four – Resolving and promoting your publication – My artists statement

Writing an artists statement

At the start of this course I made my first attempt at writing an artists statement. At the time it seemed okay but now I need to really develop it and make it more consise and aimed directly at my current project. It needs to contextualise my current practice and be written in a way that is suitable for the general public. It should be remembered that not everyone reading it has an arts background. This new artists statement will be a useful introduction to my publication and could be used on my website at the start of the gallery. It can also be printed and placed next to my prints or a smaller copy could be printed and given to visitors at the exhibition  itself.

Some very useful advice can be found on the J M Colberg website (link below).

I found the advice on the website very useful and have now written an enhanced artists statement, that is tailor made for my current publication.

Kieren Welch – Arists Statement

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